Video Marketing for doctors


Video Production for doctors


When you use video, you make better use of the attention span your audience has. That's why video works.

Els Van de Veire, Video Director, Digital Practice Managing Director


Short FAQ Videos

We produce your FAQ Videos so they reinforce your content.

In 45 to 60 seconds you answer one question. We use our background in media (television journalism) to produce your marketing videos.

You can have one video on your homepage, or we can batch produce a series of videos to answer your frequently asked questions. We also use the videos to populate your Youtube channel so you get an additional online presence on the main video platform: Check out this example channel (Dr Tamara Hunter.)

From YouTube, we embed your videos on your web pages so patients spend more time on your website and get to know you.

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Main benefits:

  • More rapport than written copy
  • Patients stay on your site for longer
  • Establishes your profile as a leader and an educator

Video lengths:

60 to 90 seconds within the online video attention span

Platform used:

More information:

A video builds rapport with future patients and GPs, and keeps patients on your pages for longer.

Patients would rather watch a video than read copy. Yet, you may have been postponing the use of YouTube videos for a variety of reasons. We can help you.
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About Us - Videos

More advanced formats include our TV-journalism based workflow for "About Us" videos. In 90 seconds, we position your practice in an effective way, within the attention span of the online audience.

Our producers are experts at visual story-telling and we use our long standing experience as former television journalists to produce quality videos.

The closer your online videos align with what the audience is used to, the more likely they will position you as a trusted specialist.

We use effective and systemised workflows to produce quality results even as we speak to you via Zoom teleconferencing from a distance.

For health industry brands that need awareness campaigns, we work out customised scripts using our extensive experience in broadcast and online video. Your video hooks the viewer with compelling graphics, engaging storylines and crisp imagery.

When you need a boost for your key messages, video is the way to go. That's because we are conditioned to trust, grasp and like moving images as a story-telling format. With video now being the most widely format for online content, your marketing strategy needs quality medical video content to cut through the noise. Ask about our packages and formats for social media, internal communication and training. If you need video for a health related organisation or business, check out our Medical Marketing Video page.

Medical Marketing Videos

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