Video Production for doctors


When you use online videos to engage with patients, it's like a one-on-one. So when we produce your videos we focus on credibility, trust and patient education.

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What video does for your practice

Simple YouTube clips or a video that introduces your team ; at Digital Practice we reinforce your marketing with powerful and professional video content.
Medical Video Production is all about trust. When we script, direct, shoot or edit, we focus on conveying accurate information and on building rapport with patients. Patients doing their research also have certain emotions when they make decisions about choosing a doctor. So what you need is a team that understands this process and looks beyond the technical job of setting up a camera, light and a microphone.


The art, skill and technique to assist people in front of a camera to reach the desired outcome. Includes working on tone-of-voice, body language, energy and the use of plain English.

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2-3 hours for 10 videos


Patients would rather watch a video than read copy. Yet, you may have been postponing the use of YouTube videos for a variety of reasons. We can help you.
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Video Production
for doctors

Reasons to use video as a doctor

The use of video is more than just a gadget or a gimmick. In fact, it's an essential tool for business growth when you operate a health practice. This is why:
  • Video grabs the attention: patients are more likely to open newsletters, read blogs or check out a page when there is a video.
  • Videos increase the time spent on a page so Google knows that this is a relevant page. It helps Google decide to rank the page higher
  • Videos on YouTube are good for SEO and attract extra traffic directly on YouTube.
  • Video allows you to bring in personality, passion and energy and to earn trust online without spending time with a prospective patient
  • Video is the most effective content type to post on social media and to engage with your Facebook or Instagram audience

YouTube channel creation for Doctors

A YouTube channel is one of the tools you can use to build a leadership profile as a doctor. We create, configure and populate it for you, so you can build a video library that supports your practice growth.

Check out one of our examples here:


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