Time to go digital

Time to go digital

If the core activities in your practice suffer from a COVID-19 lockdown or the evolving health guidelines, then maybe now is the time to reinforce the online communication capacity of your health practice.

Now that people work from home, self-isolate and apply social distancing, online communication is more crucial than ever. As a doctor, you can use it to maintain the connection.
Kris Borgraeve - Online Media Consultant

Reinforce your online presence

What can you do to keep your health practice running? Online meetings and online consults are rapidly becoming the new normal for many experts, including specialist doctors.

If you are unsure about what you can do to modernise your processes, so they can cope with times like these, please let in touch with our digital consultants.


COVID-19 has already forced many specialists to use more digital tools for online consults.

Ways to stay in touch with patients


Video updates

  • Explaining FAQs in a short video on your website will help patients and colleagues understand how your practice handles the new situation.

Video consults

  • Using teleconference tools such as Zoom or Skype, you can still liaise with GPs or with patients.
  • Other tools such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger or Viber can be used to video chat with your community.


  • Specialised updates on how your practice handles the current and upcoming situation can be sent out in email newsletter.
  • This can be combined with video updates and explain how patients can prepare for video consults.

“Unseen times like these call on us to be of service to one another and to re-inspect the way we communicate. Having up-to-date digital systems is a first step to gear your practice for crisis communication.”

Kris Borgraeve
Online Media Consultant

Moving your communication systems to the cloud is an important step to be ready when your team needs to work from home. Cloud solutions such as Gsuite (professional Gmail) allow you to do just that.

Medical services that do not rely on physical examinations can be run over Zoom (www.zoom.us) so results, X-Rays and forms can be shared with the patient, on a smarthphone, a tablet or a home computer, without a physical consult in your rooms.



“In self-isolation or lockdown? This may be the time to work on your practice, not 'in' your practice. We are here to help you update your online profile, so your practice is ready for when this is over.".

Els Van de Veire
Medical Journalist & Strategic Consultant

Postponed work = more traffic

With elective procedures coming to a standstill, your practice undergoes the current shockwave and you might think there is not much you can do.

We are available to work with you on a strong online presence, for when the COVID-19 situation is under control.

When normal GP-referrals pick up, when patients start planning their required medical treatments that were postponed because of coronavirus, online content will be even more crucial.

This is why now is a good time to build a strong online presence, to prepare your practice for the future.

What can you do to convert your private health practice?

  • Move essential communication systems to the cloud
  • Set up video chat tools: Zoom, Skype, WhatsApp, Facetime...
  • Communicate well on your website homepage
  • Send out email newsletter updates

The service you can offer in times like these, will make the difference in the minds of your community, your future patients and your referral network.

Kris Borgraeve
Online Media Consultant


Your network is spending more time online in lockdown situations. What type of content can you publish to keep them updated?
As a society, we are embracing new technology faster, including teleconference and video chat tools. 
After COVID-19, our community will attach greater importance to systems that help us prepare for a crisis situation.

How Can Digital Practice Help?

Digital Practice is up and running and our teams are working from home in the cloud. Because our production process is digital, we can support you with:

  • Strategic work to reposition your practice, your personal profile or your organisation
  • Lean and agile models to deploy websites for training, crisis communication or patient education
  • Remote video solutions, webinars, video updates.

We are based in Perth, Western Australia, and available for strategic, editorial and creative digital work with your clinic, hospital or health practice anywhere around the world.