Our Digital Advice Package

Digital Advice For Doctors


Get a Strategic 360° Consultancy service to create clarity for your brand, your digital presence and your marketing strategy. Tailored for private health practice owners.


Kris Borgraeve, Digital Practice Founder & Consultant


How Does It Work?

You get total access to our expertise. And you can still use your current providers to execute your strategy.

It's the ultimate 'no-strings-attached' service. Our senior consultants assess your online presence or advise you on the foundations if you're starting fresh.

We workshop your clinic's brand. We perform patient search behaviour research. We advise on best practices for your content strategy.

We may include consultancy modules on specific business goals. And we advise on what to do on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn. All within AHPRA's boundaries.

We map the improvements that can be made to your existing online presence, or we list priorities to start building it.


Why Strategic Work Makes The Difference

Digital marketing and online media are expanding continuously. And maybe some of the scattered tactics that you have been using, are no longer working. We are not in the business of selling you the next hype. We are in the business development for private practices.

We produce the right brief for your current marketing team, developer or designer. Or we use the outcomes of your Digital Advice package to discuss our premium services: web design & development, medical copywriting, video production or the production of your AHPRA compliant social media posts.

If you are unsure what a Digital Advice package could do for your practice, let's organise an online or in-person meeting to talk about your business goals.

This is why customers who use our Digital Advice services benefit from our unique experience: 

  • We identify missed growth opportunities
  • We verify the standards of your current digital presence
  • We listen. We brainstorm. We strategise.
  • Your future content is now based on patient data
  • Your future marketing decisions are consistent
  • Your practice is ready to grow

Avoid Wasting Marketing Budget

The Digital Advice we offer will save you thousands of dollars in the months and years to come.

Why? In today's healthcare market, Australian patients use Google to read up on symptoms, treatments, surgeries and specialists. 

We map local patient search data, cross-reference them with your services and advise on the content of every paragraph of your website.


Content. Design. Usability. Media.

Those are the core areas of our Digital Advice.  No fluffy 'consultant speak'. Tangible, hands-on advice for your webmaster, your developer or your marketing team.

We advise on content that works. Content that drives traffic to your site. We advise on design best practices that you may have forgotten to apply when your website went live. We advise on usability improvements that are needed, to avoid situations where a competitor is eating your lunch. 

And we are media people, not tech guys or IT girls. We thrive on making your online content shine so visitors connect with it and trust you enough to choose you as their specialist.


Kris Borgraeve is a journalist, consultant, video producer and public speaker. He builds on almost 3 decades in communication: from broadcast news to medical documentaries, from content strategies to integrated healthcare strategies.

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