Social Media For Doctors: Dos and Dont’s (Murdoch SJOG Workshop)

Kris BorgraeveMarketing

Workshop Available To All St John of God Murdoch Specialists & Practice Managers

On Wednesday 17th April we have planned our 3d Workshop at St John of God Murdoch. The series focus on business development for the private practice. If your practice is accredited at St John of God Murdoch, then you can RSVP HERE.

A unique series of Workshops at Murdoch:

For the first time in Australia, specialist surgeons and their practice managers have access to a series of high quality marketing workshops on campus.

In our first workshop, we outlined the importance of using an entrepreneurial perspective to run your private health practice. It includes looking at the market, outlining your priority treatments or surgeries and building a brand positioning around those topics.

The second workshop focused on content marketing. Knowing that Google displays not just paid ads, but also organic search results, you want to make sure that your content is worth being displayed.  In the workshop we discussed readability as a factor: Google prefers your content to be at the level of a Year 8 student. Although some of these best practices may trigger resistance, data shows us that they influence your traffic and your business growth.

The third workshop on 17th April adds an extra layer to our business development journey: How to use social media as a doctor? The workshop is only available to Murdoch St John of God accredited specialists and their practice management team.

Please RSVP below if you want to attend.