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As a doctor you need a balanced mix to engage with your patient community. And you need reliable, AHPRA compliant content that is handled for you so you can focus on seeing patients.

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Social Media for Healthcare Professionals

As a doctor, you know that engaging with patients helps you grow your numbers. Our Social Media Team produces the right content mix: health related blog posts and videos, engaging short posts and references to your own practice and expertise. An active social media profile helps you build a leadership profile and reinforces trust when patients are doing their online research.
Your future patients are already on Instagram and Facebook. That's why we help you integrate these platforms in your overall medical marketing campaign. We make sure your practice appears, when patients use Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or YouTube to find local health information. If you don't have any social media accounts yet, our team will set them up for you and make sure they are branded with professional graphics, configured in your name and optimised to be part of your digital business card, so you can focus on seeing patients.

The editorial mix

A social media feed is like any "channel": it needs a vision, a strategic direction and a content mix.

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Available for practices anywhere around the world
Facebook & Instagram, Twitter & LinkedIn for doctors is handled by a team of media and online professionals who only work with doctors. AHPRA optimised and produced in quarterly batches.
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Social Media
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Complying with Advertising Regulations

More than ever before, patients do their research. They search, follow, like, comment and click. Your content becomes part of your "online presence" and you can look at it as an economical way to support your entire marketing. It's always there and communicating on your behalf even when you don't sit behind a computer.

In Australia, online posts such as Facebook posts, LinkedIn Articles, YouTube videos are seen as advertising. This means that the AHPRA Advertising Guidelines for Health Professionals apply, and you must make sure that none of your posts and articles are in breach with these guidelines.

At Digital Practice, we work with doctors only. This allows us to focus on optimised content that respects these advertising guidelines. If you operate outside Australia, we apply the online regulations for the health industry applicable in your country.


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