Smartphone Video Recording

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Smartphone Video Recording

Discover how a simple video, captured on your smartphone, can help you grow your health practice.

Why use iPhone videos?

iPhone (or other smartphone videos) can boost your marketing. Smartphone video recording is another tool in the box you can use, to grow your private practice and increase your visibility. Visibility is not just about making sure patients find you when they search for information about a condition or a treatment.

It’s also about making sure that people stay on your website for longer. Once you master the simple art of smartphone video recording, you’ll be able to add short, quick videos to your website, so patients can learn more about a topic without reading through all the content. And who -other than the doctor – is well placed to explain things in a short video?

Create a vision

The worst thing you can do is take out your iPhone and start filming. Like with many things in life, you need a plan. A plan for smartphone video recording. It starts with a clear view on who your target audience is. Then you map which topics this audience would like to learn more about. Next, you plan to capture simple 1 to 2 minute videos, in which you educate. You provide value.

The vision also includes some reflection on the setting. You can use your practice as a background, and in this area it’s all about authenticity, not about staging an awesome Hollywood-style production.

But I don’t have the right gear

The gear challenge is often not that big an obstacle. As a doctor you may be underestimating your technical skills. If you don’t have the patience to explore the nuts and bolts of smarthphone video recording, then you may find that one of your team members is happy to take this on as a project.

You may have a smartphone, and if you haven’t then this is a great excuse to get one. The cheapest tripod will do, as long as it holds the weight of your smartphone. And if you google for “wireless bluetooth” microphones, and install an app called MoviePro, then you’re all set. You may have to use a few household lights, or use window light to make it look bright and natural. There you are. Camera ready. Action!


Once you have a few clips – and you an trim them on your smartphone – you can publish them to YouTube, give them proper tags and titles, and embed them on individual pages on your practice’s website.

Sounds a bit too daunting? No worries. At Digital Practice we include videos in our digital marketing strategies for doctors. Use the form below to get in touch, and we can explore a strategy that integrates video with SEO, social media, eBook publishing and email marketing. After all, you may have better things to do, like seeing your next patient.