Premium Web Development


Premium Web Development


Web Development is about building your site once you are happy about the design. And just like buildings, websites can be built using premium building techniques and opposed to a low quality construction.

Carlo, Digital Practice Lead Developer


Why Quality Development Matters

The way a building is built impacts safety, functionality and the user experience. The same applies to websites. A website that is well built, helps patients use your information. And Google detects its overall site health which improves your performance.

But this overseas provider builds my website for $500! Yes they do.

And as a medical specialist you would know that any service can be purchased from a cheaper provider, or from a premium quality provider. Take medical tourism. Although you may find that your colleagues overseas do a great job too...would you send your patients off to a hospital that has lower standards than yours?

Web Development is really like building. A lot is hidden under the surface. But when the building collapses, or the pipes start leaking, who is to blame?

We build the back-end of your website so it is future proof. Using a clean hosting setup and a fresh Wordpress install, and quality plugins (additional software to add functionality like your email forms).

Our team uses European-Australian standards in terms of Project Management, quality control and customer service. That's right. We don't have a hidden production centrein a cheap labour country. Nor do we outsource to a white label development agency in Manila, New Delhi or Lahore. Beautiful places with amazing talented people...but we simply don't do it.

A Systemised Approach For Your Marketing:

Digital communication is becoming more prominent in society. So how ready is your medical practice?

We help you navigate the digital transformation with a strategic approach. Gone are the days where a simple one-pager website would help you grow your private health practice.

That's why we have created the Digital Practice model: a systemised and strategic way to do Business Development, using online and digital content.

About Our Strategies

This is why customers who include our Premium Development module have a strong online foundation for their marketing:

  • The structure of your website is customised for the health industry
  • We do not outsource to cheap labour countries and offshore teams
  • We offer clear communication and clear arrangements
  • Your web development is synchronised with your entire marketing strategy
  • Your site is built so it reinforces your SEO & Google performance
  • As developers, we test everything as if we were your new patient

Carlo van der Pluijm is an international User Interface Expert & Web Developer. He specialises in building the interface of your website with a focus on conversion. UIX performance on various screen sizes is his passion and...he does not take short cuts when it's about accuracy, usability and effectiveness of a button, a section or an entire website.