Why be visible online?

Kris BorgraeveMarketing

Online Visibility Now Impacts Your Patient Acquisition

Gone are the days when you would only rely on word-of-mouth as a specialist doctor. One in two Australian patients do a Google search before committing to a specialist referral.

More than one in two medical web searches are done on a smartphone. So what matters is to be fully aware of your online visiblity. What exactly does that mean?


It's All About Individual Keywords

This graphic shows the control panel of our dedicated online visibility tool. It measures the relative visibility of a practice compared to competitors in the same area, for the same niche or specialty.

In other words, it measures how often your website shows up for a specific keyword.

These numbers matter because we all know we 'want to show up on Google'. However, few doctors know that this is not about just showing up for 'specialist name' + 'city name', for example 'endocrine surgeon melbourne'.

It's about appearing on Page 1 of the search results for the most relevant treatments that you offer.  In this case, our customer has 30 keywords in the top 3, and 41 keywords in the top 10.  The online visibility is 31% and went up by 9.76% when we launched the new strategy.

We Start With A Plan

This is exactly why a detailed Content Plan is essential to create high visibility for your website. It means we strategically choose the topics for each page, and for each paragraph.

How? We perform Australian Patient Search Behaviour Research. We also call it Keyword Research. In simple words, we track and analyse what patients actually google for when they are looking for your specialty. Those search volumes are used for a strategic Content Plan and this means that you now have control over the search terms that you choose to compete for.


Premium Digital Advice

At Digital Practice we combine unique skill sets. We use our experience working as a Digital Adviser for a wide range of Australian Private Health Practices.  We use our background in journalism to understand your content.

Then we perform Keyword Research, we make up a Content Plan and we Design & Develop your website based on all that intel.

More traffic and a professional online profile are the foundation to support your practice in the digital era. And it's great to see Visibility numbers like the ones above only 2 days after a strategy and website launch. So if your practice needs more visiblity, contact us and let's talk about your growth.


No Empty Promises

Many digital experts will talk about 'putting you on number one in Google'. We don't.

We believe in best practices, quality work, and relentless efforts to produce online media content that is optimised for your patients, your GP community and for the search engines.

If you want to hear more about how we work, get in touch and let's organise a meeting or a Skype call. We look forward to increasing your visibility so you can focus on seeing patients.