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Web design, a digital first impression, really matters! That's why we use our experience, our talents and the research data from dozens of medical websites, to create a design that keeps patients on your site.

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Web Design for Health Marketing

Web design helps patients find and trust you. In today's digital society, patients are well informed healthcare consumers. They are actively checking out your profile: your website, your Facebook Page, your latest blog articles or YouTube videos. Patient behaviour still includes conversations with a GP about a referral to a specialist. But decisions are influenced by the quality of your online presence as a specialist doctor or a healthcare professional. The design - both on mobiles and on computers - defines whether a patient will stay or not. Capturing a prospective patient's attention is about web design, and about an integrated strategy with your copy and content.

All aspects of your medical web design play together: from the fonts and background colours, to the chosen pictures. If you are an orthopaedic surgeon helping young athletes, we include images that resonate with the target patient demographic. That's how we make your site more relevant to them and more interesting to stay and explore.

The Digital Practice design team builds on years of experience designing websites for a variety of healthcare specialists. We have refined our techniques, researched and optimised our design formulas, and our best practices focus on attracting patients, capturing their attention, and helping them to stay on the site long enough to trust you and take action.

To learn more about our design process, or to take a closer look at some of our case studies, please use the contact form below and get in touch. We look forward to creating an amazing website for your practice!

A proven formula

Digital Practice uses a tested and proven formula to keep prospective patients on medical websites. This increases your conversions and patient numbers.

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Web Design meets Content Strategy. Search Engine Optimisation meets Social Media for Doctors. With Digital Practice, your patient acquisition strategy is integrated.
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Web Design
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What Makes a Medical Website Design Stand out?

A great design helps your patients find the information they are after. Quite often, we see leading doctors lose prospective patients because of poor designs that obstruct the interaction with the site. If your website is over 2 years old, it may be time for an upgrade so you can be in a better position to compete in the local market. And that's where our professional web designers - with a total focus on the health industry- come in.

Some of the golden rules of web design for doctors and health practices:

  • Help the user grasp the story of each page in a visual way.
  • Use enough space between different elements on your page
  • Use consistent typography
  • Align site elements so they appeal to the eye
  • Choose sharp images and make sure that all graphics have the right pixel resolution
  • Select complementary colours and respect a strict colour palette and a brand styleguide
  • Make sure that your site is responsive and works on mobile devices

Within 6 to 12 weeks after our initial consultation - depending on any other package components you may include in your order - we launch your new website so you can boost your patient acquisition. In combination with a content strategy built on our experience with SEO for Doctors, or with a Social Media campaign.

So if your practice needs more patients, a fresh look and a more effective tool to convert leads, please use the form below to get in touch with the team.


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