Medical Video Production used for Marketing

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Medical Video Production

Discover how you can use videos to promote your private health practice.

Video hooks the visitor

Medical video production is part of an integrated communication strategy. The goals? To get more patients, to increase your leadership position or to offer better patient education. Video, as a content type for online communication, is the proven leader when it comes to effectiveness and impact.

Because video has the “motion” component, it is experienced as more interesting, more engaging and more compelling, compared to other, more static content. It’s that old cliche: people prefer to watch a video, over reading copy.

Video improves your Google ranking

You can look into medical video production for another reason: videos on your YouTube channel will improve your Google ranking. If the clips have relevant titles and are tagged appropriately, they will act as little “search objects”. Pages with relevant videos embedded will be picked up by Google as more interesting to display. Combined with a healthy SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) strategy, your medical video production efforts will be rewarded with more traffic and ultimately…more patients.

Talk to the whole brain

Video engages with the whole person: its left brain component is all about transferring information. A clear video provides information in a logical and structured way and is often a great way to explain things, just like you would in a normal conversation.

The right brain component of video and film is its “secret weapon”. It’s the reason why video, film, cinema and media content works so well: there’s a feeling attached and this is what makes it more interesting. What this means is that your tone, energy, personality and body language will do part of the work.