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SEO for Doctors is a universe full of opportunities to engage with patients at different stages of their journey. Mapping patient behaviours and a doctor's growth ambitions is what makes our team tick.

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Search Engine optimisation (SEO) for Doctors

SEO for Doctors is one of our key pillars at Digital Practice. Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is the process of creating relevant, compliant patient education content. The more this is done in line with how Google looks at website content, the better your practice will rank for a certain condition or a treatment. 

Patients are searching for information about symptoms and treatments every day. This is how they make choices and decide who they want to be referred to, or who they trust to book an appointment.

We help you define goals for your content and for your patient acquisition. Then we make sure that you are found at the top of the Google search results page, and we make sure that patients find relevant, reliable and compelling articles and content on your site so they stay and book an appointment.

SEO for doctors evolves around in-depth keyword research. We map conditions, symptoms, treatments and the applicable layman's terms so you get clear on what content your competitors are using to rank high in Google. Then we help you identify which pages you need, as the start of our strategic marketing plan for your practice. Our expert medical copywriters then use these keywords to write compliant and relevant content for your site and we assess the performance of your pages on a monthly basis so we can fine-tune and optimise your Google performance.

SEO is no hocus pocus

SEO and medical search engine optimisation is all about reliable, compelling and relevant content on your website.

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SEO, medical keyword research and integrated content marketing have helped dozens of leading practices convert more leads into new patients.
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Search Engine Optimisation
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SEO for doctors: Patient Acquisition

Monthly SEO work is focused on continuously improving your competitive position. It starts with a health check for your website, updating the back-end and keeping it safe. Then we add content so your online presence is alive and fresh. And we add backlinks from other websites so you keep improving your competitive position.

Our reports keep track of the success of your campaigns. SEO for Doctors is a highly specialised niche and we pride ourselves in the accuracy and the systemised approach to our work. It's all about driving more traffic to your practice website, and about creating quality leads for your practice. As we report on your digital performance, we make recommendations on improvements so you can increase your visibility and be the leading health professional in your niche, in your local area.

If you have questions about your current SEO performance, get in touch with the team to see what we can do for you.


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