Search Engine Optimisation


Search Engine Optimisation


SEO  or Search Engine Optimisation for Doctors is one of our key services. We combine live Australian patient search behaviour data with your business priorities to produce relevant content.  

Els, search engine optimisation specialist at Digital Practice


Search Engine optimisation (SEO) for Doctors

Search Engine Optimisation doesn't have to be highly technical and mysterious: We believe that presenting quality content to your patients is the best way to show up in a Google search.


We also believe that the best way to make your practice future-proof, and to attract more patients, is to make sure that patients can find you. It may sound simple, but as a practice manager you may not have found the time to get to the bottom of the tools and tactics that are promoted to rank well well on Google.

We build on our experience as communication experts and media professionals. What this means for your practice is that we always start with the audience in mind: your patients. Our absolute focus is on covering the topics your patients want to know.

Then we use our experience and tools to analyse search behaviour by Australian patients for the conditions that you treat, and for the treatments or surgeries that you offer.

Quick Facts

Australian patients visit 2 or 3 medical websites before choosing a practitioner.
Over 50% of health related search traffic originates from smartphones
Majority of search input involves a medical specialty and a location


Organic SEO: Your pages showing up as Google search results without paying for Google Ads.

PPC: Pay-per-click ads, appearing above organic search results when you do a Google search.

CPC: Cost-per-click, when using Google Ads. The higher the cost per click, the more competition around a keyword or search term.

Common pitfalls

  • scattered tactics
  • no pages on conditions
  • no pages on treatments

Our vision

Doctors deserve to focus on what matters most. We take care of their digital marketing so our clients can focus on being leaders in their field.

Do you want to start growing your practice today? Send us the link to your website and get a free competitive assessment.

Assess My Website


Do you want to start growing your practice today? Send us the link to your website and get a free competitive assessment.

Assess My Website

SEO for doctors: also for Practice Managers

The practice manager of the future benefits from knowing the two dominating trends in the Australian health industry at the moment.

  • Patients compare: during an economic downturn, non life-threatening medical care is scrutinised before a buying decision is made.
  • Digital is everywhere: patients consume digital information to get information, to check reliability, and to get to know the human being behind the title.

Once you understand this process, the most sustainable response to these trends is to put in place a solid strategy.  It results in reliable patient education content on your website, presented in a format that attracts patients, maintains their interest, and allows you to measure your digital performance on a regular basis.

If your intention is to grow your practice, let's start with a free assessment, or a live demo of some of our strategies in action.


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