Our Approach


Our Approach


Kris Borgraeve, Co-Founder of Digital Practice, talks about the Digital Practice approach. A strategic pathway to build a strong online presence for your health practice.

Digital Advice

Senior communication experts help you strategise every detail of your online presence.

Keyword Research

We use Australian patient search behaviour data  to set priorities for your website content.

Content Plan

We map every paragraph and page title so they are in line with patient searches.

Content Writing

Write your copy in our highly structured frameworks. Or use our Content Writer service.


We design the look and feel of your practice website so it reflects your reputation.

Web Development

Your website back-end is built to the highest development standards. 

Video Production

Short one-minute videos can spice up your web pages and build rapport with future patients.

Social Media

We produce your social media posts in line with AHPRA guidelines, and schedule them for you.

Google Ads

If required, we set up your Google Ads account so you can send extra traffic to your website.

Nine Steps to Online Leadership

We help you choose from our premium medical marketing services. Or we design your nine-step pathway to an online leadership profile that makes your practice stand out.

We can help you with any of the steps above, as a separate module. But here's the success formula: A marketing strategy for your private practice that follows these nine steps, is an absolute choice for market leadership in your niche.

It starts with in-depth Digital Advice, Keyword Research and a Content Plan.

We then set up frameworks for every page of your new website your content is fully optimised for Google.

Your Web Design & Development are totally focused on the brand positioning we worked out as your Digital Adviser.

Your options may include  YouTube videos or a compliant Social Media Strategy, and targeted Google Ads to generate more leads.

Integrated Marketing Works

With a Digital Practice strategy, you avoid scattered tactics and overwhelm. Everything is linked together. We only work with private practices and specialists so we always start from your Business Development goals. We are passionate about your practice as a business, just like you are passionate about helping patients. We believe we will make a great team.

What's The First Step?

We can talk about an integrated strategy (the menu) or we can offer you customised modules (à la carte).

Let's pencil in a meeting, a Skype or a Zoom call, to see what would work best for you.

Let's Talk About Your Business Development

More Ways To Connect

You can also call our reception team, or connect on social media.

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