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Medical copywriting is the key to an effective Content Marketing strategy for your practice. It means you understand SEO, your patient's behaviour on Google, and that you have a clear strategic direction for the conditions and treatments you choose to discuss on your website.

Kris Borgraeve, Consultant and Managing Director Digital Practice


Medical Copywriting for Doctors

When you make decisions about the content and the medical copy for your website, it's crucial to consider the multiple aspects of medical copywriting. It goes without saying that medical accuracy is key, and that your medical copywriter knows the healthcare industry as well as the mechanics of AHPRA compliant patient education. Our team has a journalism background, which allows us to take a systemised approach to writing the draft pages for your website based on our own research.
Let's put this straight: we are not as specialised in your field as you are. When we help you with the copy for your website, we provide a framework that applies best practices so your copy:

  • Uses layman's terms for patients
  • Respects the readability algorithms in use by Google. Medical sites targeting non-medical people need the content to be of a lower reading level compared to medical sites for doctors.
  • Is search friendly: written around clear strategically chosen keywords, with a clear storyline and a call to action
  • Is based on keyword research and consultancy on the strategic position of your practice in your local market within your niche.
As said we provide a framework and a workflow to work together: we bring in the skillsets described above, and you, as the medical expert, get full editing permissions in the Pre-Production phase, so you can optimise the copy with your tone-of-voice, and for the specific approach you use in your medical practice.

The end result: content on your site that attracts more new visitors and that keeps them on your site so they convert into patients.

Consists of:

Keyword Research and Competitive Analysis: what content do your competitors have in place to attract patients?

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Available for practices worldwide
The keywords and the copy on your site define how many patients you will attract. The quality of your medical content defines the growth of your practice.
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Medical copywriting
for doctors


Fixed Pages and Blog Posts

We write pages around the key conditions that you treat, and the treatments, procedures or surgeries that are essential for your practice. Each page is written around a specific topic so it attracts patients who were doing a Google search for that condition or this treatment. The content is then presented in a way that encourages the patient to read more on your other pages, or to get in touch and book an appointment. Throughout the copy we apply the AHPRA Advertising Guidelines for Health Professionals and we optimise each paragraph for high ranking keywords and popular searches, based on an in-depth analysis of patient behaviour in your niche.

Effective medical copy and content is…

  • Accurate
  • Digestible
  • Readable
  • Visually compelling

Most importantly, your medical copy is patient-centered and communicates at the level of your patients. When they do a Google search, they either want information about specific symptoms and conditions, or they want to understand the procedure they may be a candidate for. Patients also scan your site to see if they can trust you. Our team of medical copywriting experts converts information in palatable paragraphs, using lots of synonyms and layman's terms to help patients understand your information. We batch produce your blog articles in a systemised workflow. They use the appropriate tone-of-voice for your practice, and are scheduled on your website so new and fresh content is published while you are seeing patients.

To find out how effective medical copywriting and content marketing can help you transform your patien acquisition, contact the team today for a consult call.


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