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We help you set clear communication goals for your practice. Once we have mapped your priority treatments & patient target audience, we create customised content that engage with them and converts better.

Kris Borgraeve, Digital Practice Founder & Consultant


Why You Need A Strategy

Medical Marketing requires a strategic approach so you avoid the risk of a scattered and ineffective tactical approach.

Marketing Consultancy for Doctors requires in-depth knowledge of the private health practice as a business. We work only with doctors and specialise in strategic digital content for patient education, patient acquisition and leadership positioning.

We  align your content with patient search behaviour (Google data) as well as AHPRA compliance.

Your strategy positions your brand in front of your target patients and with a clear distinction compared to your local competitors.

The vision, the strategy and the execution of your digital content is handled by a team of senior professionals so you can focus on what matters most.

Who Are We?

We're based in Perth, Western Australia and we build on our global experience in broadcast & printed media, medical journalism, digital content production and consultancy. We help customers across Australia and internationally.

Why Choose Us?

We love what we do. We work hard. We keep improving our processes. And we love what you're doing.


We can have your new website up and running in less than 3 months.


Available for clients across Australia and around the world.
To us 'Marketing Consultancy' means understanding the business mechanics of your health practice and contributing our expertise in the field of online communication and content marketing so you can grow your clinic.


To us it means knowing your industry, understanding the mechanics of a health practice and being able to bring expertise in the field of digital, online communication and content marketing so you can grow.

Grow, Lead and Educate

We help you grow your practice with systemised medical SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) based on live Australian patient search behaviour. But there's so much more we can help you with.

Our strategic consultancy for medical marketing spans a wide range of tactics and platforms. Do you need a new website? We build it so it positions you as an expert surgeon, a caring health practitioner, or a leader in your sub-specialty.

Do you want to optimise conversions and build more rapport with prospective patients? We produce your YouTube videos so you save time explaining the same things over and over again...your videos will do it for you now. YouTube presence boosts your leadership position and Google loves it.

Other areas we can help you with: transforming your presentations for medical conferences, theatre videos, before/after galleries, email capturing and email marketing, Google Ads & targeted Facebook Advertising. And we love to keep it all AHPRA compliant.


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