Keyword Research


Keyword Research


As a doctor, you value the importance of research. So what if we could help you understand what your patients search for? Keyword Research gives you a clear view on your patient's behaviour when they use Google.

Els Van de Veire, Keyword Research Consultant & Digital Practice Creative Director


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A digital strategy for your clinic is about much more than a web design. It's about publishing content that is in line with what patients search for on Google.

According to research (May 2019), 54% of Australians use Google at least weekly to read up on medical information and symptoms.

With our unique Keyword Research service, we 'reverse engineer' this process. Based on your medical specialty we use our tools and expertise to map what patients actually search for.

This information then helps to prioritise certain topics on your website. Or it shows you which layman's terms and synonyms are most popular when patients search for a specialist.

If you don't have pages about a topic, you may be missing out on traffic. Because your competitor may have a whole range of pages covering those symptoms, conditions or surgery types.  With Keyword Research, we help you gain a full understanding of what your future patients are googling for. Then we produce the right content so each of your paragraphs and pages is tailored to what the audience wants.

A Systemised Approach For Your Marketing:

Digital communication is becoming more prominent in society. So how ready is your medical practice?

We help you navigate the digital transformation with a strategic approach. Gone are the days where a simple one-pager website would help you grow your private health practice.

That's why we have created the Digital Practice model: a systemised and strategic way to do Business Development, using online and digital content.

About Our Strategies

This is why customers who include our Keyword Research module benefit from our unique experience:

  • We research the keywords for your niche
  • We identify your business goals
  • We include FAQs patients google for
  • You learn what content your competitors use
  • We strategically list topics for your pages
  • You capture traffic talking about symptoms, treatments or surgeries

Els Van de Veire is a senior Media Consultant, Journalist, former Chief-Editor of  Television & Radio News.  She builds on 15 years experience as a Creative Director, a Documentary Producer, Web Designer, and Founder/Owner of MultiMediaMakers and Digital Practice helping medical clients in Europe, the US and Australia. As a journalist and Chief-Editor of web content, her specialities include keyword research for gynaecology, fertility, obstetrics, and bariatric surgery.