How Do We Work?


how do we work?


"From strategic business advice to a full media strategy. From a new website, to a social media campaign. We help Specialist Doctors grow."


Els Van de Veire, Medical Journalist and Digital Practice Co-Founder


How Does Digital Practice work?

We apply our journalism experience to ask the right questions, so we can map the growth journey of your practice as a brand. Then we look at your business goals, and your needs in regards to reputation management, marketing and lead generation.

Our processes are based on journalism: collecting and organising information. We believe that in order to make customised recommendations about your website, your social media, your GP referral marketing or your video strategy, it is essential that we understand your practice really well.

If you don't have a website, or if your current website is underperforming, we will look at ways to increase your visibility.  Every situation is different, and we adapt our recommendations to your needs.

How Will Digital Practice Make A Difference For My Practice?

1) The big shift we bring to your private health practice is a deep awareness of digital. communication. As you gain a deeper understanding of your patient's Google behaviour, you become more strategic.  Through our strategy packages, you control your online visibility and your leadership profile, in the catchment area of your practice.

2) The second benefit of working with Digital Practice is the ownership we take. We drive the process. We use our experience as Media Directors, to collect input, to map the production process and to build your brand so you can focus on seeing patients.

3) And the third quality our customers appreciate about our work is the attention to detail.  As a surgeon or specialist, your reputation depends on details and when it's about your online content, we handle them well.

How Is Digital Practice Different To Other Web Agencies?

  • For starters, by not being a web agency
  • Excellence over profit. Quality over ‘quick and dirty’
  • By driving a quality conversation about your practice
  • By using AHPRA compliant content as the foundation
  • We always keep a strategic hat on to grow your business
  • We only work with doctors

Strategy. Content. Creative.

If you have a website and existing social media content, we can assess, advise and strategise so you are on track and improve your results.

Or we can produce AHPRA-compliant and Google-optimised content for your website.  Or, we integrate it all and build a content strategy on a brand new website as part of one of our packages.

"It's no secret that leading doctors are the ones that go on a business discovery journey with us. Beyond the commodity of a new website, we work on your online brand."


Els Van de Veire, Medical Journalist and Digital Practice Co-Founder


No Matter What Level Of Clarity You Have.

If you are really clear that you need a website for your practice, then let's talk.

If you currently can't see the forest for the trees, then let's talk. We will help you get clear on what is relevant, skip the old-school sales talk that agencies tend to use, and explore what could be helpful to develop your practice.

We are based in Perth and tools like Zoom and Skype can do miracles to connect us with any health practice around Australia and around the world. So drop us a line, let's organise a free consult and take the first step to be in the driver's seat, when it's about the future of your practice.