How to grow your medical practice

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How to grow your medical practice

How to grow your medical practice? If you have been looking into strategies to become the absolute thought leader in your medical speciality, for your area, then business growth is a good focus.

When you decide how to grow your medical practice, you may have a focus on more patients. Or you may have the ambition to grow so you can purchase more advanced medical devices and offer a better service. Yet another ambition might be, to leverage on your experience and get invited as a public speaker more often. Whatever the nature of your business growth strategy, communication is a key aspect of it and the digital space is the main area where the difference can be made.

As busy as you may be, you’ll be fully aware of the way our societies have changed in the last decade. With the exponential growth of digital capabilities, our smartphones, tablets and computers are more present than ever, and are changing our behaviours day after day. And as technology changes, so does our reaction to questions and information needs we may have.

As a doctor you can sympathise with the “old school” clan and frown on the use of Google by patients, when confronted with illness. Or you can zoom out a little bit, and admit that it’s what we, humans, do. When we have a question, we look it up. Now that you have accepted this reality, zoom in on the ways your patients are using Google.

grow your medical practice

Some will do a quick search for a vague symptom they experience. Their question in the Google search field can be as basic as “Why am I not falling pregnant?”. Or “what is plantar fasciitis?”.
I’m sure you can apply this to topics in your area of speciality. Do you have pages in place that not only use this question as a title, but provide a clear, compelling, well-written (or well explained, in case of a video) answer to that question?

While “functional search” along the lines of “dentist East-Sydney” is very common, many patients’ first need is one for information and education. They want to understand. The more content you have in place, the more page visits you will attract on each of these individual pages. And that’s exactly how to grow your medical practice. More visitors convert in more patients – provided that the information you share is presented in a compelling, visually attractive and effective way.

A common misconception I hear, when talking to doctors, is that the serious nature of their profession, means content should be represented in a dry way. And that the visual side of things, the “compelling nature” of a web page, is completely irrelevant. Yet, our research shows that we don’t switch off certain filters when we compare medical websites: if one website looks more professional and visually consistent than the other, it influences our preferences. Even when the topic is very very serious. There’s reason to believe, that if a patient qualifies your website as extremely professional, they will conclude that your entire practice, team, and organisation must be very reliable.

That’s why – when asking yourself how to grow your medical practice – communication is a great starting point. You’ll soon discover that designing a smart, effective and ongoing digital conversation with prospect patients, is probably one of the biggest drivers for your brand’s business growth. If you have any questions, and are about to reposition, launch or tweak your practice’s online positioning, please have a chat with our team. Here at Digital Practice, all of us care about results!

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