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Kris Borgraeve is an experienced public speaker. Before founding his own media companies, he was an international news anchor, journalist and hosted television talkshow formats. Kris founded his first multimedia company in 2004. With an extensive knowledge of digital marketing and health industry regulations, he now shares his knowledge and expertise with doctors, specialists and anyone who works in the healthcare sector. You can book Kris for your next event here through our website.

Kris Borgraeve, founder Digital Practice


Medical Marketing Expert & Public Speaker

How to communicate online as a Doctor? How to nurture your reputation with digital patient education? How to advertise and avoid AHPRA complaints? Those are just a few of Kris' favourite topics for a presentation or a workshop.
If your organisation is part of the Health Industry or working with Doctors, then inviting Kris as a speaker will provide extra value to your audience. A former TV news anchor and talkshow host, Kris is passionate about tailoring his message to a specific target audience. If you're the organiser of a Healthcare Industry event, you can let him know which avenues of digital, online, patient acquisition and medical marketing can be of interest for your participants. Kris shares visual case studies, tips and tricks, and insights collected across hundreds of medical communication projects and during his previous role as a broadcast host and journalist.

Areas of expertise

Patient Acquisition Online Marketing AHPRA Regulations Google Adwords SEO Medical Copywriting Medical Websites Facebook for Doctors Instagram for Doctors Facebook Advertising


Master Degree Audiovisual Arts, Television and Radio (Journalist)


11 years in Broadcast Television
13 years in Digital & Medical Content


Helping Health Professionals communicate, understand online patient behaviours, and engage with patients before and after their appointment.
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You can book Kris for a presentation or a workshop scaled to the size of your event. In smaller groups, there is more room for customised personal advice and questions. In larger venues, Kris knows how to educate and entertain an audience with content that is tailored to the participants' needs. If you want to add extra value to your next event, please use the contact details below to get in touch with the team.

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