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Email is still a powerful communication tool to engage with prospective patients. We help you with reliable content strategies and integrated campaigns for patient acquisition.

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Email marketing for Doctors

Email remains an important tool because it gives you access to your patient's personal inbox. Even when there are many social media channels that compete for attention.

Using your expertise, we craft relevant patient education content and ask permission to send your website visitors regular updates. The emails are crafted so they are in line with your own tone-of-voice, and hey are styled as personal messages to your patients.

In today's digital society you are competing for attention. The goal is to create awareness around your name, your practice and your brand. Emails with links to relevant articles or short videos are powerful reminders of your leadership position in your medical specialty.

What these emails do is remind your target audience of your expertise. Next time someone in their environment mentions your specialty, they will easily remember your name and refer to your website.

Email marketing is part of your integrated strategy at Digital Practice. First, we create an eBook for patients to download from your site and build your email list of prospective patients. Then, we schedule fortnightly or monthly emails with a link to a new article or a video.

Works best with:

An eBook on your homepage or on a landing page. Prospect patients get free educational content and we build your email list.

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Fortnightly or monthly for 12m


Available for practices around the world
Email marketing campaigns to enhance your leadership profile. Combined with short YouTube videos and/or patient education blog articles.
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Email marketing
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Email Marketing by Digital Practice

Patients who receive your email marketing campaigns are "hot leads". They have downloaded your eBook or subscribed to your feed because they want the information.

The tone of an effective email marketing campaign for doctors is personal. Gone are the days of highly stylised digital newsletters. A personal, short email, with a link to an article or a video, engages with your patients without taking too much of their time.

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