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Email Marketing helps you capture email addresses of prospective patients or referrers. Email updates keep your practice top of mind.

Kris Borgraeve, Founder/Consultant and Managing Director 


Email marketing for Doctors

Email marketing is powerful add-on to market non-urgent healthcare services such as bariatric or cosmetic surgery, dentistry or allied healthcare.

If a patient spends time on Google to read up on conditions that are not life-threatening, or treatments that are not a bare necessity, then the "buying process" is similar to the one in other industries.

Most buyers need a few touch points before they decide to buy. Email marketing does exactly that, with a sequence of touch points:

  • a free download is offered
  • patients enter their email
  • an email with the download link is sent immediately
  • from then onwards the patient is subscribed to the newsletter
  • monthly emails remind the patient of the treatment they googled for

AHPRA compliant

We only use email marketing to send out compliant patient education content.

In conjunction with:

Email marketing works best in an integrated medical marketing strategy, on a conversion-oriented medical website that sends out new blog articles on a regular basis.


Fortnightly or monthly for 12m

Tools used

Mailchimp email marketing + Wordpress integration

We may not be passionate about our email inboxes...we all keep them.  Email marketing is still an effective way to reach out.

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Digital nurturing

A free download, followed by educational articles and updates, is part of your nurturing sequence.

Your emails use a personal tone-of-voice and show up as a personal message in your prospect's inbox.  When combined with a short YouTube clip, the open rates are 3x higher compared to traditional email marketing or newsletters.

Learn more about our integrated digital marketing strategies for Australian doctors and health professionals.


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