Business Development Hub

As an independent digital agency, we run an active partnership with St John of God Murdoch Hospital. The on-site 'Business Development Hub' at Murdoch Clinic is your 'solutions hub' to discuss your online reputation management, customer service workshops or business positioning for your practice. 

The DP Studio

As an independent digital agency, we run an active partnership with St John of God Murdoch Hospital. The on-site 'Digital Practice Studio' at Murdoch Clinic allows doctors to discuss their Business Development strategy, to collaborate with our Medical Journalists on content, and to plan, assess and fine-tune all creative work: web designs, videos and social media content.

Business Focus

At the Business Development Hub in St John of God Murdoch Hospital, we build the foundation for your digital strategy and for your business development journey. Our senior communication experts have worked in the Perth market for over a decade and build on decades of international media experience in the medical field, documentary production and television news.  We help you with your online profile, business development and business strategy, customer service improvement and practice management consultancy.


Market Knowledge

You work with a team that knows the hospital catchment area, the patient demographics, the local market situation and the digital patient behaviour in the Perth metropolitan area. 

As a doctor, you benefit from working directly with our Perth based team here at Murdoch, simply because sometimes talking face-to-face works better.

Media Expertise

At Suite 42 in Murdoch Clinic, we operate a video and podcast studio and we produce your content on campus: YouTube Channels, video series for social media, audio podcasts, documentary videos or internal communication content. 



Local Art Direction done in Perth is one of the reasons why our customers choose Digital Practice. Creating your online profile requires an understanding of the local market.

To really understand your practice, it helps that we have our Business Development Hub right at the heart of the action, in Murdoch Clinic, at Suite 42. Over a cup of tea or coffee, we discuss your practice growth and build your online presence from here.

If you are building your practice at St John of God Murdoch Hospital, book a free consult at our DP Studio. We can then guide you through our Marketing 101 Tips for private practices. If you are part of an existing practice, your free consult can include an assessment of your current online profile and visibility.