DIY Video for Doctors


DIY Video For Doctors


Ready to produce video updates from the comfort of your home? Welcome to our DIY Video For Doctors Course.

Kris Borgraeve, Video Journalist, Co-Founder Digital Practice



This mini-course helps you set up a DIY video workflow for your practice.

Topics include:

  • Filming with iPhone
  • Trimming top and tail ends
  • Sound and microphones
  • Preparing content & script
  • Storing your raw video footage
  • Editing and branding
  • Distribution and publishing
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Main benefits:

  • Ideal for updates when working from home
  • More rapport than written copy
  • Gives your website a boost in Google visibility
  • Establishes your profile as a leader and an educator

Video lengths:

60 to 90 seconds is the average video attention span. Keep it short!

A DIY video to go over the content of this mini-course.

Patients would rather watch a video than read copy. Yet, you may have been postponing the use of YouTube videos for a variety of reasons. We can help you.
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You can also use your regular support email address to reach out and ask a question about your DIY video project, if you need support and are on a Care Plan.

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