Now is the time to go digital


Now is the time to go digital


Prepare your practice for a resilient future.

As you may have gone into hibernation and reflection with your practice, you may have embraced change. The shift towards more digital is a chance to connect with patients and referring GPs. We help you make the right strategic choices based on proven processes, within the context of Australian private health practices.


Your trusted online & social media experts for medical.

Our strategic process helps you get clear about the business objectives for your practice. Our editorial and content models are based on decades of experience in medical journalism. And our creative studio work is done by our in-house team, totally adapted to patients' search behaviour when they choose a specialist doctor or a surgeon.

Why Digital just became more relevant for doctors

In 2020, even those who resisted technology spent time in video consults. Even more than before, online conversations are part of how we make choices.

You may have trusted word-of-mouth and GP-referrals as the only business avenue for your practice.  Online behaviour now adds a layer to that, and knowing what your future patients are googling for today, means power. 

At Digital Pracice, we use our media, online, and medical marketing skills to build a solid digital architecture for your practice. So you can tap into that information and use relevant content produced with a team of professional journalists. The content helps you show up in Google, with a brand identity that sets your practice apart, and a custom-built and AHPRA-compliant social media presence, including short editorial videos is an optional choice to connect with your community.


Everyone is googling

The data we extract from research in Australia's capital cities shows us exactly how patients use Google in regards to medical conditions. That data is used by our journalists to build unique frameworks for your content strategy.

Being local really helps

We believe that your online presence can't just come from anywhere on the planet. Knowledge and insight in your local market situation makes a big difference. Being an Australian company helps us provide a fully customised service when we manage your online reputation.

Agile and local

Digital Practice is run by journalists, with capacity for lean and fast online media solutions.


We are in Perth and are available for clients across Australia.


Is your specialist practice ahead of the curve or running behind in the area of digital communication?

We help you take a critical look at your patient cohort. Where are they? What defines their process and journey before they choose a specialist?  Then we help you attract the right patients by setting up your online presence in a strategic way.  If you can stay ahead of the pack by offering content that hooks your audience, you are in a stronger position to build and grow your practice over the years to come.

From Business advice to a full strategy

From a customised series of strategic sessions, to building an entire online presence for your brand.

Your practice is unique and so are the services we offer to Australian specialist doctors and surgeons.

So let's have a chat and explore how we can help you. Whether you are starting out in private practice, preparing a rebranding or expanding your team...We tailor the solution to your needs. 

To inspect the uniqueness of your service, your brand values, your ideal patient avatar and your brand positioning, we use a series of effective processes without the agency fluff - just common sense to give you a sense of direction and clarity.

We have packages to build your entire online presence using our proven processes. Strategy, editorial content creation and creative agency work come together seamlessly to produce your brand new practice website. If you want to keep it small and get to know us first, we can work out a social media package, or offer a series of strategic sessions to improve your current online presence. 

Let's start by having a chat. A free online meeting or consultation is a great starting point to embark on this journey.

Social Media

We map your AHPRA-compliant strategy. Our journalists create draft posts. You tweak and approve them. We schedule them so you have weekly updates on your social media channels. You are now amplifying word-of-mouth and stimulating referrals.


If kids can become YouTube stars, why wouldn't smart people like yourself be able to use YouTube and attract patients? Our qualified TV-directors train you to make DIY videos and build rapport with your future patients.

We help you set up simple or more advanced structures to fully use the spectrum of online communication. In crisis situations as these, your service and your practice need to be fully up to speed with the tools that can help you communicate effectively.

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Digital Practice. More Digital Than Ever.

We thrive on delivering excellence. We have been living and breathing media, content, journalism, design, video and web development for a looooooooong time. And we are passionate about doctors who are passionate about their practice. So let's work together and turn your practice into a digital practice.

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Our own production continues.

All strategic, editorial and creative work at Digital Practice continues, even as team members apply social distancing or continue working from home. Our online meeting tools are available to discuss your digital content and to prepare your practice for when things return to normal.

Let's talk about your Digital Communication

More Ways To Connect

Even as our teams work remotely, you can leave a message, or connect using a digital tool of your choice.