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Online is more essential than ever for healthcare.

Reach out, provide information, and set up workflows to communicate with the community now that everyone heavily depends on digital communication. We're here to help you transform your health practice so you can use all things digital, to operate, grow and protect your practice.


We are going through an unprecedented digital shift.

Grandparents are videoconferencing with grandkids. Telehealth consults have their Medicare item number. More time than ever is spent at home googling for information. Is your practice geared up with a digital architecture to capture conversations, educate patients and communicate with them via online tools? We're here to help.

Beyond the Restrictions into a new era

You may have chosen a path of resistance, declaring that your practice was running on GP-referrals. You may just have started to feel the digital pressure. Now, that pressure is on.

Smartphones, tablets and internet connections as lifelines...the metaphors are numerous and the bottom line is that milliions of people have improved their digital skills overnight. 

The same skills used to still keep in touch with friends, grandchildren and friends, are now part of our community. Your practice can stand out by offering media-friendly information on a contemporary website. By using DIY videos. By updating your social media feeds when the situation changes. 

At Digital Practice, we use our media, online, and medical marketing skills to build a solid digital architecture for your practice. Web content to show up in Google, a brand identity that sets your practice apart, and a custom-built and AHPRA-compliant social media presence, including short editorial videos.


Everyone is googling

The situation interferes with treatment across specialties. As patients spend more time confined at home, they google even more. Having quality content on your website is an opportunity to be of service to the community.

Make use of the extra time

As challenging as the situation may be for your practice, you can make use of the time to upscale your online profile, to be ready for when normal activities resume.

Agile and local

Digital Practice is run by journalists, with capacity for lean and fast online media solutions.


We are in Perth and are available for clients across Australia and around the world.


Digital solutions to make your practice future-proof.

As the health landscape evolves and shifts, your professional profile, your practice website or your group identity need local and qualified professionals, not cheap and outsourced work from a sweatshop far away from your catchment area. We are Australia's only journalism-driven online media agency for specialist doctors and we can help you stay ahead of the pack and attract the patients you need, to grow your practice.

Here's what we can do for you

We believe that it starts with having good content online. Then we build the digital architecture around it to attract patients.

Your patients are out there searching for information. Whoever presents it to them in a professional way so it reads like a magazine article, has images or videos, and displays well on a seen as a leader.

So why not choose to be this leading specialist in your area? All it takes is a strategy. 

Our medical journalists map your content and perform research into topics that patients google for. Then we build a quality brand for your practice, on a future-proof website. 

But there's much more.  We can help you with the whole spectrum of what we call your digital architecture: videos, social media, newsletters and email marketing, brochures, training for your team, telehealth configuration via Zoom, and general strategic advice on how to turn your practice into a brand - not just a service provider.

Social Media

We map your AHPRA-compliant strategy. Our journalists create draft posts. You tweak and approve them. We schedule them so you have weekly updates on your social media channels. You are now amplifying word-of-mouth and stimulating referrals.


If kids can become YouTube stars, why wouldn't smart people like yourself be able to use YouTube and attract patients? Our qualified TV-directors train you to make DIY videos and build rapport with your future patients.


We help you set up simple or more advanced structures to fully use the spectrum of online communication. In crisis situations as these, your service and your practice need to be fully up to speed with the tools that can help you communicate effectively.

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Digital Practice. More Digital Than Ever.

We thrive on delivering excellence. We have been living and breathing media, content, journalism, design, video and web development for a looooooooong time. And we are passionate about doctors who are passionate about their practice. So let's work together and turn your practice into a digital practice.

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Our own production continues.

All strategic, editorial and creative work at Digital Practice continues, even as team members apply social distancing or continue working from home. Our online meeting tools are available to discuss your digital content and to prepare your practice for when things return to normal.

Let's talk about your Digital Communication

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