Digital Advice for Doctors


Digital Advice For Doctors


Digital Advice can be a standalone service to assess your existing online presence. Or it is the starting point to create your new strategy.


Kris Borgraeve, Digital Practice Founder & Consultant


This is your Reputation

Your reputation is your capital. Online communication that supports your reputation is not a job for a junior web designer. This is serious business.

We believe that representing you as a Specialist Doctor in the online space, is about building and nurturing your professional profile. 

As a clinic or a private practice, or as a solo specialist in private healthcare, your online presence directly impacts your patient acquisition and your business results.

Our Digital Advice services actually provide Digital Business Advice. We use patient search behaviour analysis and we work on your Brand Positioning. We convert your business goals in online media content that attracts the right patients and converts leads.

You can keep working with your current web developer and simply make use of our strategic consultancy.  Or we can build your new website or social media campaign and start with Digital Advice as our strategic starting point. 

What our strategic work does for your practice.

Understanding the digital landscape is critical to grow your private practice. And what matters even more, is to use patient behaviour data before you make decisions about your website, your content and your online strategy.  Just like a cartoonist is not the best person to interpret your X-Rays, junior web designers are not always the best experts in online media for the medical profession.

We cater for every phase of the Private Practice journey. From your first steps to create an online profile, to a strategy at hospital level. If you are unsure where to start, let's organise an online or in-person meeting to talk about your digital growth.

This is what your Digital Advice package will do for your online strategy: 

  • A clear map of your target audiences
  • Clarity about your brand values
  • Professional advice about your logo and visuals
  • Development of a unique tone-of-voice
  • Insight in patient search behaviour for your specialty
  • Clear outline of your brand messages

Compliant & Effective

There are 2 challenges with medical marketing.

AHPRA is not a laughing matter. We know that the Advertising Guidelines for Health Professionals can cause procrastination. Our team advises on the compliant way to use patient education content.

The digital industry has been affected by poor service levels and as a doctor you may have suffered from scattered and unclear marketing packages.

Ask us how we stay clear of empty promises. Ask us how we apply hard work and best practices to help you get crystal clear about your marketing.