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Digital Advice


What if you looked at your online presence as a 24/7 channel? A channel that either hooks the audience and turns them into new patients...or a channel that sends them to your biggest competitor. That's why we believe leading doctors deserve strategic Digital Advice.

Kris Borgraeve, Digital Practice Founder & Consultant


It's About Your Practice. Not IT.

Interacting with patients, talking about specialist health care, is about communication. We give you data-driven consultancy, supported by patient search behaviour data.

Giving you solid Digital Advice is our equivalent of the Minimum Qualification Score. Without it, your website, your videos, your social media posts are not supported by a vision.

We map your business goals and cross reference them with patient search behaviour. In your niche, we analyse search volumes for symptoms, procedures, or the specific terms that patients use to denominate your specialisation.

Then we deliver a plan for your 'ideal content'. Page per page. Paragraph per paragraph. It's the blueprint for a web presence that answers the exact questions patients type into Google.

Innovative? Yes. That's because we come from a journalist background and we love asking questions. We also traveled around the world interviewing leading specialist doctors. So we have a solid understanding of what it means when a doctor uses the word "Business Development".

A Systemised Approach For Your Marketing:

Digital communication is becoming more prominent in society. So how ready is your medical practice?

We help you navigate the digital transformation with a strategic approach. Gone are the days where a simple one-pager website would help you grow your private health practice.

That's why we have created the Digital Practice model: a systemised and strategic way to do Business Development, using online and digital content.

About Our Strategies

This is why customers who include our Digital Advice module benefit from our unique experience: 

  • We map your target audience
  • We identify your brand values
  • We listen to your visual preferences
  • Your strategy gets a unique tone-of-voice
  • Senior consultants brainstorm about your brand
  • Clear outline of Brand Messages

Kris Borgraeve is a senior Media Consultant, and a former Radio and Television host. As a Digital Adviser, he helps specialist doctors establish a strong brand positioning, and choose a strategic direction for their online presence and digital communication. Kris' role includes creating a detailed needs assessment for private clinics and translating it into effective strategies and plans.

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