Custom Web Design


Custom Web Design


A Custom Web Design is a design that is made for your practice only. It's not a template downloaded from the web. It's a unique visualisation of your brand. We create it based on our understanding of your clinic as a brand.

Els Van de Veire,  Creative Director & Owner Digital Practice


Helping Patients Connect

Our designs are made to help patients truly connect with your practice.

What is a good web design? It takes more than being pleasant to the eye.

The design for your clinic's website is a live interface between the patient at home (or on the bus, using their phone), and your practice.

So our custom designs are about helping patients and referring GPs quickly understand your brand.

We analyse patient behaviour on medical websites on a daily basis. That's because we only serve private health practices. We test menu systems, contact forms, ways to embed images and videos, functionality of buttons on smartphones and much more.

Because a website that works, requires more than just nice colours, images and fonts. With a Digital Practice custom web design, you know that your medical practice is represented in a way that makes you stand out from your competitors.

Check out some of our recent designs in our portfolio.

A Systemised Approach For Your Marketing:

Digital communication is becoming more prominent in society. So how ready is your medical practice?

We help you navigate the digital transformation with a strategic approach. Gone are the days where a simple one-pager website would help you grow your private health practice.

That's why we have created the Digital Practice model: a systemised and strategic way to do Business Development, using online and digital content.

About Our Strategies

This is why customers who include our Custom Design module benefit from our unique experience:

  • The design is based on your Brand Positioning
  • We do not outsource to cheap labour countries and offshore teams
  • It’s about your brand, your identity, your style
  • We design your home page, about page, contact page and information pages
  • Design works hand in hand with Keyword Research
  • Design choices based on working with doctors only

Els Van de Veire always wanted to combine publishing and broadcasting, journalism and design. So she spent the first half of her career producing television and radio content, as well as corporate video around the world.

Then she started implementing her experience as a Director/Owner and Creative Director of Digital Practice. Her 'design briefs' to the team are legendary. Based on truly understanding your practice and making well informed decisions about every pixel on your new website.