Why you need a channel

Kris BorgraeveMarketing

Corporate video for doctors is all about patient acquisition. A video strategy will tie in with your intention to boost patient acquisition. This is how video gets more patients in your waiting room. Pages with relevant content and a video, are more likely to attract and hook prospect patients, or GPs looking to refer to a specialist. Video keeps people on your site, and the longer they stay the closer they are to hitting that contact button. It's as simple as that. Corporate video for doctors works more effectively when it focuses on providing educational information, and on engaging with patients and/or GPs.

Using lots of short videos, integrating a solid vision around corporate video for doctors, will help you create a clear brand positioning. The more knowledge you share, the more you'll confirm your position as an educator. The combined effect of this, and the traditional word-of-mouth that is caused by providing excellent work, is extremely powerful.

1. Be The Top Expert

By adding corporate video to your mix, you will simply engage in more online conversations, remind people of your passion for your speciality, and nurture personal relationships on various platforms. Over time, your digital visibility will influence the inflow of new patients in your practice. It will also give you a stronger position in your city or your local community. Being asked as a public speaker, or a partner in a new practice, these are only a few of the benefits of a strong online presence. Corporate video for doctors is more than a gadget. It will give your online brand its full identity, and help you attract and retain talents and team members.


2. Stop Explaining The Same Things

Corporate video for doctors is an extension of one-on-one time. It acts as an amplifier of this precious time patients can spend with a time-poor specialist, learning more about the complexities of a health condition or the nuances, options and mechanics of an innovative treatment. You are now making better use of your time, explaining certain procedures once, and sharing your video clips.

So you're killing two birds with one stone here. You provide more value to anyone who needs information about your specialty (patients or GPs). And you save time, because your receptionist can now send through a short video instead of asking you to call back the patient who had a question.

3. Choose An Integrated Strategy

Although you may feel an urge to hit the YouTube record button straight away, to use your smartphone and start recording daily vlogs, or to go out and buy a state-of-the-art camera...take a moment to reflect.

Video strategies to grow your practice practice are best designed to work together with all other aspects of your Digital Marketing. We recommend you check your overall performance: how well does your website perform for the key problems (conditions) you treat, and for the treatments and procedures you provide at your practice? How do you rank compared to your local competitors? How structured is your social media strategy and are you growing using your email database consistently?

Once you have a consistent marketing strategy, you can start implementing video, to hook and keep visitors on your web pages and social media profiles for longer. If you are unsure about where to start, use the form below and get your free assessment, so we can give you some free recommendations on a good way to integrate corporate video for doctors.