Content Writing


Content Writing


Content Writing is all about providing your future patients with information that helps them choose you as their trusted specialist. We write the content so it is optimised for Google, readable and palatable, and in line with what your clinic stands for.

Claire, Content & Project Manager


Content Written By Our Team

The Content Team at Digital Practice specialises in writing with the patient in mind.

The first mission, for every page on your website, is to attract readers. Google wants to display quality content when a patient searches for symptoms or specialist treatment.

When we write your content, we do it based on your Content Plan. A Content Plan maps every paragraph and every page so your patient information is in line with Google searches. Let's say you work in Gynaecology. To cater for the searches by patients who have been told they may have endometriosis, your website needs one or several pages linked to that topic.

We then use Keyword Research to define what is most common in related Google searches. And this becomes the backbone of the paragraphs.

When as Content Writers we create your web copy, we apply a range of best practices to make sure that:

  • Your copy is readable for the average patient
  • The content is accurate, well researched and correct
  • All content complies with the AHPRA Advertising Guidelines for Medical Professionals
  • The commonly used terms in Google searches by patients are used
  • The page has a good flow and helps the patient understand the topic
  • There are links to other relevant pages on your site

A Systemised Approach For Your Marketing:

Digital communication is becoming more prominent in society. So how ready is your medical practice?

We help you navigate the digital transformation with a strategic approach. Gone are the days where a simple one-pager website would help you grow your private health practice.

That's why we have created the Digital Practice model: a systemised and strategic way to do Business Development, using online and digital content.

About Our Strategies

This is why customers include our Content Writing module:

  • All copy is optimised for maximum visibility and traffic
  • We write your content to the highest copywriting standards
  • We write in your tone-of-voice, in line with your brand
  • Every paragraph and every page supports your Google performance
  • Your content and design go hand in hand to convert visitors into referrals
  • Our Content Writers specialise in healthcare content

Claire is the Content & Project Manager at Digital Practice. She is an experienced production coordinator, with a particular expertise in communication strategies.  Claire is also a playwright and a theatre producer.