Visibility & What It Means

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Digital Visibility Now Impacts Your Patient Acquisition Gone are the days when you would only rely on word-of-mouth as a specialist doctor. One in two Australian patients do a Google search before committing to a specialist referral. More than one in two medical web searches are done on a smartphone. So what matters is to … Read More

Social Media For Doctors: Dos and Dont’s (Murdoch SJOG Workshop)

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Workshop Available To All St John of God Murdoch Specialists & Practice Managers On Wednesday 17th April we have planned our 3d Workshop at St John of God Murdoch. The series focus on business development for the private practice. If your practice is accredited at St John of God Murdoch, then you can RSVP HERE. … Read More

Marketing for Mobile: Does your site show up on smartphones?

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Marketing for mobile is more than a buzz word. Marketing for mobile is more than a buzzword. Smartphones have changed the way we connect with information – also in the health industry. So yes, patients Google. If – as a highly qualified specialist doctor – you occasionally feel slight levels of irritation when patients start … Read More

How to market a private practice?

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When it comes to marketing your private health practice, there is a risk of overwhelm. Perth specialist doctors report up to 30% loss in patient numbers and are often at risk of purchasing random tactics and services. We have mapped the components of a waterproof marketing strategy for private practice owners. Marketing in the combined … Read More

Corporate Video for Doctors

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So you’re killing two birds with one stone here. You provide more value to anyone who needs information about your specialty (patients or GPs). And you save time, because your receptionist can now send through a short video instead of asking you to call back the patient who had a question. Although you may feel … Read More

Google ranking for health practices: 5 simple steps

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Keywords can be single words (eg IVF) or keyword strings (eg IVF treatment Brisbane). Both are equally important and when you have established that you need a new website, the first step is define your keywords and keyword strings. How do you get started, and are there any secrets to improve the google ranking of … Read More

Medical Video Production used for Marketing

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Discover how you can use videos to promote your private health practice. Medical video production is part of an integrated communication strategy. The goals? To get more patients, to increase your leadership position or to offer better patient education. Video, as a content type for online communication, is the proven leader when it comes to … Read More

Medical Webinars : How to use online video for practice business growth?

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Learn how you can consolidate your online leadership position for the specialty you practise. Medical Webinars are not always a scientific presentation to a group of peers. In the context of a marketing strategy for your private practice, they are a communication tool to engage with prospect patients. That’s why your first step is to … Read More

Video Content Marketing for Doctors

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4 reasons why it’s a good idea to look into video content marketing for your private health practice. With a strategy that implements a specific approach to video content marketing for Doctors, you are adding more traffic to your website. The more you can offer compelling, valuable and well presented information on your site, the … Read More

Twitter Strategies for Doctors

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How to use Twitter as a doctor? The indirect side-effects of a large Twitter followership. Twitter strategies for doctors are best discussed in a larger framework. When setting up a strategy to market your private health practice, you may be bombarded with opinions on the use of Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, YouTube and the latest … Read More