Case study:
Dr Tamara Hunter


The integrated strategy package positions Dr Tamara Hunter as a leading Fertility Specialist in Perth, Western Australia. The data below will show you how we tripled the waiting list in 6 months time.

Els Van de Veire, founder Digital Practice


More visits, less bounces

In June 2017 1,036 sessions were recorded. An average session took 2,5 minutes and 5 pages were visited per session.
Compared to the same period the year before, session volume went up 20%, the page views more than doubled and the amount of click-throughs increased by 80%.
Driving 10% more organic traffic to the site with a bounce rate that was reduced to virtually nothing, the practice saw a significant increase in consultations.


In the strategy, we include Facebook and Instagram posts every other day to amplify word-of-mouth referrals.


Videos keep patients on the pages for longer and help Dr Hunter to build rapport with prospective patients.

More conversions

By putting in place compelling and visually attractive content, as well as an effective overall navigation design, we reduced Dr Hunter's bounce rate from 57.11% to 1.45%.
Most medical websites have bounce rates above 50%. Half the volume of visiting prospective patients never become your patient and end up in someone else's waiting room. That's how powerful digital marketing can be for your practice. By increasing organic traffic and reducing the bounce rate, we created more business for Dr Hunter's practice.
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