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One could say that reading your Google Analytics, in the digital world, is as important as reading a patient's blood works in your line of work. We better make sure we understand the data and communicate them clearly.

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Understanding your performance

Many doctors have told us that their various providers couldn't create clarity about their digital situation. So we developed a workflow to help you understand your website traffic and act on it. 

There are only a few simple things you need to understand about your online presence. They can be summarised as follows:

  • Do patients find you and is there enough traffic to your website?
  • Does your content compete well with other doctors' content?
  • Do most patients stay on your site once they find you or do a significant number leave straight away?
  • Do patients click through to read more, and spend some time watching your videos, reading your blogs?

  • When we present quarterly updates we bring the official Google Analytics data. If things can be improved, we plan action and propose strategic improvements to your content to strengthen your competitive position in your local area.

Bounce Rate

The most underestimated digital metric. A high "bounce rate" means that most visitors leave your site straight away. Because it's not responsive on mobile or because it does not hook them within 5 seconds.

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The current competitive market requires you to look at digital patient behaviours on a regular basis. That's how you stay ahead of your competition and how you grow your practice as a business.
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No more digital overwhelm

Clear data on your online performance also helps our consultants to make adjustments. Online medical marketing is like steering a boat and comes with small helm movements.

Do you notice that online tools and platforms keep expanding? Do you, like many other doctors, regret the pitfalls of cheap packages and unkept promises in the digital marketing world? It's time to bring in some good old craftsmanship, so you can take control of your online presence and start growing.

Picture this: Google wants you to spend money on Adwords. Facebook wants you to spend money on Facebook Advertising. Your competitors want more patients and keeps updating their website. New practitioners use the platforms that target younger patient demographics (such as Instagram) and new SEO offers keep hitting your inbox on a daily basis. Working with doctors worldwide, we have understood that you don't have the time to keep up with the nitty gritty of the digital industry, on top of your own field of expertise.

Our packages come with built-in performance meetings. To look at what your patients are doing on your website. If we can help them to click, read, watch, stay and connect, then marketing can be made simple again. So if you have had enough of the "digital overwhelm", let's have a chat. We will keep it simple, promised.


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