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Adwords campaigns for your private health practice require a solid strategic direction. Then we help you with a meticulous execution of your Pay-Per-Click Advertising Campaign.



Adwords for doctors & health professionals

Adwords for doctors (or medical pay-per-click advertising) helps you drive traffic to your practice. Digital Practice creates and optimises your paid advertising campaigns so your practice attracts the right volumes of patients. A successful Adwords for Doctors campaign includes landing pages, keywords, AHPRA-compliant copy and a strategically targeted audience.

We help doctors on a daily basis and build on that experience to assess your current campaign. Do your keywords represent the essential treatments or procedures you provide? Our PPC Adwords team performs key research to map how patients in your niche behave online. Based on their Google behaviour we build a content strategy to target them.

Even if you start from scratch we set up your strategy with attention to detail and based on the strategic direction you choose for your patient acquisition. Successful medical pay per click campaigns are built on quality keyword research and that's exactly what our team provides. Once your Adwords campaign is up and running, we assess and refine your campaign on a monthly basis. That's how we can make the most of your Adwords spend.

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Low bounce rates. A "Bounce Rate" represents the percentage of visitors that leaves your site straight away.

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Adwords for Doctors is available for practices anywhere around the world
AHPRA compliant Google Adwords for doctors drives extra traffic to your practice. Start growing your patient numbers so you can focus on what you love most.
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Monthly Adwords Updates

Patient acquisition is now closely linked to online competition. Your Adwords team at Digital Practice helps you understand the moves your competitors are making. If their pay-per-click spend goes up, you need smart advice to focus on the right keywords and attract patients to your practice.

Our PPC experts focus on new opportunities with ideas for new campaigns. Based on your business goals they suggest campaign changes and write new copy for ads. They optimise your landing pages and optimise the bid strategies based on what your competitors are doing.
With Digital Practice, your Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is in good hands, to maximise the amount of patient traffic to your practice and to continuously generate new patient leads for your site.

If you are new to Google Adwords or believe that your Adwords account is currently not performing effectively, get in touch with our team to plan a consult call.


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