Our Team


Journalism, media strategy and business development come together when Kris builds customised marketing and communication strategies for specialist doctors.

Kris Borgraeve, founder and managing director 


Editorial work as a journalist, and creative/visual work as an art director, blend in nicely when Els creates a unique identity for your clinic.

Els Van de Veire, founder and creative director 


It's quite common for clients to fall in love with their brand when the first designs are presented. Stephen's ability to design visual identities is what makes him shine as our lead designer.

Stephen Andelo, lead web & graphic designer


Carlo lives and breathes usability and thrives on developing patient-friendly web pages and functionality. Carlo is an internationally renowned tutor & usability and e-commerce consultant.

Carlo Van der Pluijm, web developer


Specialised in Specialists.

We work with Specialist Doctors only, because your information deserves to be found. And because your patients deserve to find your expertise when they need it. 

As a specialist doctor, your focus is on seeing patients. But as the industry changes, so does the patient's online behaviour.

Google searches are a common part of the patient journey now. It takes an integrated approach to business strategy, content production and creative web design, to hook the patient as they are choosing a specialist.

That's what we do. Strategy, Content and Creative for Specialist Doctors, all under one roof.


Building an effective online presence requires strategic skills. We are senior media experts and we start from a detailed plan for your online patient acquisition.


Online communication for specialist doctors starts with content. As journalists, we have systemised the input and production process so your content works for you.


A specialist doctor applies the highest standards. So do we when we produce graphics, websites, video or social media content. 

From Perth to the World

Our services are available for doctors anywhere around Australia and around the world.


Why work with us?

Attention to detail? An ethic of hard work? A systemised production process? The good news: you don't have to choose.

"All Of The Above" applies to how we work at Digital Practice. When it comes to understanding the business journey of your practice, co-producing effective online content, or managing your online and social media presence...we don't cut corners. Just like you, when you are in your consulting room or in theatre. 


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