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Kris helps doctors create a strategic direction for their online marketing, building on his extensive experience in communication, media and digital. Kris is also a public speaker and a marketing consultant.

Kris, founder and managing director 


With a trained eye for visual communication and a degree in journalism, Els blends two passions of hers so they help you communicate with great design and effective content.

Els, founder and creative director 


Stephen is our lead web designer and graphic designer. It's quite common for clients to fall in love with their brand when the first designs are presented. Stephen's amazing talent and project management skills have been making a big difference for our clients since the day we started.

Stephen, lead web & graphic designer


Carlo is our UX|Web designer and developer, building on many years of experience setting up website back-ends and improving website functionality. When he is not developing, he works as a tutor & an international consultant.

Carlo, web developer

Marketing Strategy for Doctors combines SEO, content creation, video, social media, business consultancy, journalism and AHPRA compliance in an integrated approach. The end goal: your success.


Why the team makes a difference

There was a time where - as a doctor - you could use your ability to learn and do a few things yourself in the space of digital. Those days are gone.
As the digital realm expands, so does the online behaviour of your patients. They use Google, make immediate evaluations of websites and online content, watch other doctors on YouTube, follow them on Facebook and Instagram...And all this happens while they are making important decisions about who to contact for their healthcare. Your digital presence is directly linked to your reputation and it's our pleasure to help you build, maintain and grow it so you are found and trusted as the leading specialist in your area.

Many skills. One direction.

As a team we work with attention to detail, in touch with the Australian health industry and overall patient behaviour. That's how we create results.

Team Member(s)

All of us here at Digital Practice


One-off campaigns or 12


Most services are available for doctors anywhere around Australia.

Why work with us?

Each Digital Practice team member brings unique talents and years of experience in a particular area of digital content creation. That's why the combined results of our strategies position our clients as leading doctors. The quality standards we apply are based on the vision of our founding directors and their decade in international broadcast environments, from public service operators to commercial radio and television. With additional experience producing content across 5 continents at medical conferences, the Digital Practice core team offers experience, a systemised workflow and a passion for quality communication.
What that means for you is that a marketing strategy for doctors with a private practice is always customised and designed with the end goal in mind: whether it's more patients, an improved patient pre-qualification and compliant patient education that saves your team time and money.

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